Case Study: Coral Reef Subacute Care Center (Q1 2024)

Concierge: Mabelys Hernandez
Patient’s Age: 76 years old
Admission Date: 2/16/2024
Admitted From: Rehab (The patient was admitted to a rehab center but, due to distance, was transferred to Coral Reef)
Reason For Stay: Ankle Fracture
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: TBD
Length of Stay: 2 months
How did the patient hear about Coral Reef: Insurance

Details of experience:

Mr. Ros Rodriguez was admitted on February 12TH, 2024, after being sent to the hospital due to a fall that resulted in an Ankle fracture. After having an X-ray and CT scan completed, results indicated that Mr. Ros suffered a shortened distal fibular fracture, valgus dislocation, and a sizeable osteochondral lesion of the talus. During his stay in the hospital, it was recommended that Mr. Ros undergo physical and occupational therapy.

Upon arrival, Mr. Ros was welcomed by our concierge, social services team, nursing team, rehab team, dietitian, and activities team. We worked together to ensure all his questions were addressed, noted any preferences, and ensured he felt as comfortable as possible, as this transition is new for him. Mr. Ros was evaluated by our Rehab team, who set goals for him to reach to ensure he has a safe transition back home. Goals included Mr. Ros safely performing bed mobility tasks, performing functional transfers, and safely ambulating community distance using a two-wheeled walker. At the time of his evaluation, he could not ambulate any distance.

Mr. Rozo enjoys reading the daily newspaper provided by our activities department and socializing with other residents in the hallway. He is very focused on therapy and gaining strength to reach his goals and go back home to his wife. Because of his efforts and the interventions provided by our rehab team, he is now able to ambulate 25 feet using a two-wheeled walker and does his transfer with minimal assistance. Interventions included instructing and training Mr. Ros in compensatory strategies, energy conservation, and proper body mechanics. We are delighted with his progress and can’t wait to watch him thrive in the community!